Our love for Tutor Time started about 6 years ago when we were looking for a daycare for our oldest, Kira.
We were looking for her to be well cared for entertained, stimulated and above all, socialized. At
2 1/2, she had only been with adults. We wanted her to make friends and thrive.
I remember walking into Tutor Time and loved the brightness and cheeriness. The tour sealed it. We were told about all the children do each day and how they build on their skills. They even had Pre-K this was more than daycare.
Kira would come home and speak of all that she did and in such an excited way. She loved all her teachers. We were so happy.
When Claudia came along she would say I can't wait to go to panda school. She loved the panda on the outside of the building. We have watched Claudia grow and learn just like her sister.
We could not have made a better choice for our children.
Thank you Tutor Time Family,
The Shermans

The Shermans

How Tutor Time changed my daughter's life:
Tutor Time has helped Addison grow as a learner. She has developed her social skills and loves coming to school. Tutor Time has created a safe and wonderful place for her. The last three years has helped her build a foundation that she will need for the rest of her school years.

Nicole Ortolano

Tutor Time has benefited not one, but two of my daughters. My oldest daughter Morgan, now a third grader, also went through Tutor Time. When she started Kindergarten, she wasn't just prepared but was actually ahead of her classmates. Aside from learning Tutor Time is also a great environment where children enjoy spending their day there. My youngest daughter, Sophie, often tells me " I'm not ready to leave yet!" when I pick her up at the end of the day. We have all enjoyed our years at Tutor Time.
Parents of Sophie Brennan

Debbie Brennan

We love tutor time of east rockaway.I would recommend it to all my friends.The teachers are amazing.The administration is great. The facility is very clean.Everyone is friendly.I love my daughter's classroom teachers and the teachers who share next classroom. My daughter has never been happier and tells me she loves daycare

Cindy Dujany

cedarhurst , NY
We want to say thank you to all of you for all you did for us and for Eric. He loves coming to Tutor Time and seeing his teacher and his friends every day. Have a great summer ! We will see you in September.


Babylon , NY
When we the Parag Family think of
Tutor Time
we picture a
a colorful, learning, growing, giving
Tutor Time is a happy place:
and only in a happy place
can children
We have watched our Avivi sprout,
all through Tutor Time
Roots, Warmth and Committed Heart.

Thank you,
The Parag Family

The Parag Family

Nicole is fortunate to be part of the Tutor Time family in East Rockaway. She has improved her interpersonal skills. She has learned the alphabet, spelling and writing A-Z. Nicole discovered addition and subtraction are easy. When Nicole is unable to attend class she becomes sad, she misses her teachers and friends. Tutor Time plays an important role in helping parents to raise a new generation of well mannered little ladies and gentleman.

Kutcha Family

Wow! I can't believe the daycare chapter of my life is complete. Thank you for helping my three children grow through your nurturing. Thank you for helping us get through a tough year- we are all so grateful.Thank you for your endless commitment to making our children happy and safe. We had a seven wonderful years at Tutor Time and will always look back fondly at the time we spent at with you.

August 1,2013


Seaford , NY
Our daughter, Chloe Bianca Fuller, has attended Tutor Time of East Rockaway since she was one and a half years old. The Tutor Time staff has proven to be a highly professional, caring and supportive team who is committed to creating a fun, nurturing and creative learning environment. Tutor Time has helped introduce and reinforce important skills and values that will help Chloe to succeed in elementary school and beyond. Perhaps the most impressive of all is the way that the educators tailor their focus on each of the student's individual needs and curiosities.
Thanks to Tutor Time, Chloe is a proficient reader at 4 years old!
Tutor Time East Rockaway has exceeded all our expectations!
With gratitude,
Mr. & Mrs. Fuller

Fuller Family

Hi tutor time staff;) Just want u guys to know that I luv tutor time, My Son Messiah luvs u guys.;))))) thsnkssssss do muchhhh. Awesome school. ❤️

Lisandra bayron

Lynbrook , NY
My son was two and a half months premature and because of his early start on life he has many developmental delays and has difficulty with his feeds. I was torn between wanting to give my son all he needed and the financial requirement of having to return to work. luckily for my husband, son, and myself, the staff and teachers at Tutor Time cared for my son in a way that I feel safe and know he is getting what he needs. They try numerous times to ensure he feeds, they update me on any developmental milestones they have noticed as well as telling me how he does with his physical therapist. They are loving and friendly to my son as well as to my husband and myself. When my son had to move from Miss Sindy and Miss Christine my heart broke. I was afraid he wouldn't have the same quality teachers. I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of teachers he would receive in Mrs. Marilyn, Mrs. Durpatti and
Miss Ashley's classroom. My son has made friends his age that he looks forward to seeing each day. He also has a big smile for his new teachers as well as his old teachers. The staff and teachers go out of their way to welcome us each day, as well as the parents we see at drop off and pick up time. If I can not be there caring for my son at least I can feel secure that I have placed him in the hands of loving, caring people, who will educate him in a safe environment.

hope W.

Massapequa Park , NY
We sincerely appreciate the wonderful care you provide. In Isabella's first week at Tutor Time I never felt a worry. We as parents are happy we found your center. Your staff has made this transition an easy one. I will never be able to thank you all enough. I know Belle is in good hands.


Amityville , NY
Thank you so much for three amazing years!So much of what we are proud of and love about Marielle we attribute to your care and dedication. We are so grateful for the head start you have given her. Jacks can't wait to be a part of the Tutor Time Family in September.


oceanside , NY
Tutor Time of East Rockaway has been a part of our family for the past 9 years - beginning when my oldest son Jonathan was just 3 months old. Both Jonathan and my youngest son Patrick, who has just graduated Tutor Time, have learned so much at this wonderful school. They were always loved and cared for by the staff at Tutor Time. They have made friends that have already stood the test of time. They were both more than ready to begin kindergarten. Our families decision to bring Tutor Time into it was one of the best ones that we made! We will sincerely miss everyone there. See you in the summer for camp!

Nancy Brand

Rockville Centre , NY
Dear Tutor Time of East Rockaway,
We just wanted to take a moment to thank your entire staff for hard work and dedication that you have shown to our daughters since we started here in 2008.
As our oldest daughter gets ready to enter kindergarten, we feel that she is extremely prepared for the immense challenges that await her, and this is due in large part to you. Whether it was potty training, sharing, socializing, or academics, our daughter has a fantastic foundation for the coming years. The commitment that your staff has shown is to be praised. Thanks again for all you have done.
Mark and Celine Levine

Celine & Mark Levine

Oceanside , NY
The warmth of Tutor Time is unmatched anywhere in Long Island,NY. The first things I noticed when I walked through the front gates of center were the welcoming smiles, warmth and graciousness of the staff. Everyone is so friendly and nice.
Teachers are wonderful miracle workers there. They provided structure and discipline and created an environment that made learning fun. They went out of the way to work with us on any issue to ensure our boy was well-adjusted, happy and prepared to enter kindergarten.
Our son attended the school for 2 years and graduated today June 21,2013. If I have another kid, I would definetely enroll at Tutor Time.
We sincerely thank you for the wonderful time and care Ruzgar received at the school!

Ozlem Bulat

Oceanside , NY

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