Available Early Childhood Education Programs

Child Care Programs and Curriculum in East Rockaway, NY

The educational child care programs in our School Readiness Pathway were designed to offer a comprehensive path to prepare your child for elementary school. The School Readiness Pathway features developmentally appropriate programs with specialized curriculum for a variety of ages. Find the right path for your child here.

Special Programs

Tutor Time enhances their Life Smart Curriculum with a variety of interactive programs. These programs are designed to stimulate the physical and cognitive development of the child, as well as build self-esteem.

  • Spanish Lessons : Enrichment program for our pre-school and pre-k classes

  • Gymnastics with Miss Simone : (optional) offered to three and four year olds on Wednesday afternoons. (Limited openings still available).

  • Professional Piano Lessons : (optional) offered to children three and older on Monday afternoons.

  • Dramatic Play : An enrichment program offered to our Twaddlers, Preppers, pre-school and pre-k classes. Ms. Simone will explore drama, role playing and music with our children every Tuesday afternoon.

  • NEW! Tumbling Class: A special pre-gymnastics skills class for preppers. Ms. Simone will work with the older two year olds on tumbling and rolling.

  • Dance Class Boys and girls are welcome to join Ms. Tricia and her dance lessons.

  • Let's Cook: Each week students are introduced to a new recipe to test their culinary skills. This month will try our hand at whipping up a few delicious recipes . This month we will make a batch of sugar cookies and we are creating Gingerbread houses with our families. Check out our recipes in our News and Events section of our website. Bring school into your home with these easy, quick and fun recipes to try with your children.