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March Highlights

March 4th: Game Day! All classes will create their own learning games. We will have math and language games to play in small groups

March 6th: Fun Friday! Jelly Bean Contest, guess how many and win a jar of Jelly Beans!

March 10th: Broccoli Day! We will enjoy this healthy veggie for lunch today!

March 13th: Fun Friday! Let's cook! We will mix up batch of Shamrock Shakes!

March 17th: St. Patrick's Day! Wear green to school today. We will hunt for the Leprechaun's pot of gold.

March 18th: Youth Art Month. Each class will join in and create artowrk in the style of Georgia O'Keefe this month.

March 23rd: Inventor's Day. Entiner to win! Invent your own class "machine". The class with the most creative machine will win an ice cream party!

Please review the following policies, as they will be followed very closely.
• Holding the door for anyone behind you is strictly prohibited. If you do not know someone, they can be asked to have a seat in a lobby until a director can assist them.
• If you are not the primary pick-up, and you are sending an authorized pick-up, you must speak to a director, or your child will not be released.
• Do not give out your code to anyone.
• Please refrain from bringing in any large bags when entering the building.
• Tours or un-authorized personnel will not be allowed into the building without proper identification or without an appointment.
• If you notice any suspicious activities, cars, or people, please always feel free to report this to a director.
Any questions, please feel free to see Ms. Susan.

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Grow Fit

Tutor Time's GROW FIT Program incorporates physical fitness and good nutrition to promote an example of a healthy life style for our children. The children are involved in weekly workouts with our Yoga Pretzels program, Super Hero Moves exercise program, and creative movement with Ms. Simone.Grow Fit also incorporates our Let's Cook Program. Let's Cook affords the children the opportunity to participate in hands on cooking experiences, following recipes and eating what they created.

Extra Curricular Programs

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Happy Feet Soccer: The program is a huge success. The children develop many soccer skills such as kicking, stopping and turning the soccer ball. We look forward to many more seasons. Happy Feet will offer classes for children 2- 5 years of age. LOOK for Registration forms each September.

Piano Lessons: New York School of Music- Sweet sounds of music escape the classroom when our little pianists blend Ebony and Ivory on the keyboard. Keep your ears open for the sound of those sweet keys. Please inquire at front desk for further information.

GYMNASTICS: Tumble into gymnastics with Ms. Simone, from balance beam to hand stands she does it all. Give your children an amazing experience in physical fitness and fun. Gymnastics is offered for children 3-5 years old. Please inquire at front desk for further information.

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